Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dear Little Shoes,

You were almost too cute to get out of the box, a perfectly vibrant combo of stripes and florals. You looked so big I thought you would never fit her. But then she grew, and then you did.

For one month, one month(!!) she traipsed around with you on her feet, to the park, the mountains, the playground, and home. You have gotten so dirty that I have had to scrub you with detergent till your colors have worn thin.

She didn't just wear you, she wore you out.

And I can't bear to part with you, so I will carefully pack you away in a keepsake box, a perfect reminder of the little miss you served. A girl who lives fierce, all-in, no-holds-barred. A girl who makes messes out of ordinary food and days in ways I have never seen before. She has no qualms about having muddy shoes, matted hair, and a messy face. Sorry for your sake, but you were just a means to an end, a necessary protection so she could climb that mountain, dig in that gravel, and splash in that puddle. 

As I pack you up, I smile at how far I've come as a momma of a mess-maker. I am learning to embrace the beauty of messes (let's be honest, better to laugh then to cry!) and the incredibly complex, lovely little girl who makes most of them.

Sure, I wish she could keep a pair of shoes presentable for more than a month or so, but then, what fun would that be?

Shoe shopping is the best!

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  1. Brooke have you grown that much? Grammy loved those shoes :) Grammy will have to go shopping. Brooke and Hunter ...Grammy and Pappy love you both soo much XOXOXOXO