Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dear Hunter,

My dear little boy,

As I write this, I am sitting in the shade of our backyard, watching you play.

While many families are sharpening pencils and packing school lunches, September 2nd has given us a glorious summer extension... 84° and muggy, a discount slip-n-slide out back and the familiar "ch-ch" of locusts calling to one another from the trees. I daresay this may be my favorite summer day yet.

I am amazed at the difference a few short months have made for you. You have so much to say lately, and your little mind rarely rests. You ask about the way things work, and are not satisfied until we give you a full explanation. You play so purposefully now, creating games and projects in your head and with your hands.

A few weeks ago you were given a little mechanic set... a train and a race-car held together with brightly colored screws and a phillips-head screwdriver to assemble and disassemble parts. You have since spent countless hours diligently "working" away, paying close attention to the proper building of each vehicle.

You are cautious, meticulous, slow and steady... You are focused and precise, detailed and quiet.

You are a thinker, a dreamer, and a builder by trade.

I love to watch you grow, think, and learn. I love the way your brow furrows when you focus and the way your lips purse when you are pleased with yourself. I love the tender, high-pitch voice you use when talking to your sister. I love the way your chubby finger grasp hers when walking in new places.  I love your tiny frame and your eyes when they are wide with excitement. I love that you love books, trucks, deer, and playing outside. I love how much you admire your daddy. I love that you are sweet and sensitive, yet so very "bwave".

Thanks for filling up our days with laughter, little boy.

I love you.


  1. I miss him!! Thanks for the snapshot into life with Hunter though :) I love reading these little details that I don't always get to ask you about. He's an amazing little man!!

  2. Grammy' s little builder...just like your daddy :) You remind me so much of him with everything you learn to do. I Love you oxoxoxoxo